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Zeal AGM 105AH 12V

Zeal AGM 105AH 12V

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The Zeal AGM range is ideally suited for a wide variety of general purpose and cost-critical applications. Zeal batteries have very low internal resistance, are capable of delivering high currents on demand and offer a relatively long service life, even when deep cycled.

They are maintenance and spill free, and provide strong reliability with a low self-discharge, at a very competitive price point.

These are the perfect winch battery without breaking the bank but still keeping reliability on your side.



  • Nominal Capacity 105AH
  • Weight 26.5kg
  • Dimensions 306mm (l) x 169mm (w) x 215mm (h w/terminals)
  • Operating temp -15-50°C (discharge) / 0-40°C (charge) / -15-40°C (storage)
  • Terminal Type M6
  • Nominal Voltage 12V
  • Max. Discharge Current (5s) 900A
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