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Saber Offroad Winch Recovery Kit

Saber Offroad Winch Recovery Kit

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Winch Recovery Kit

Everyone wants lighter and stronger recovery gear and this new kit from Saber Offroad has you covered!  The Winch Recovery Kit is the perfect addition to your gear when preparing for winch recovery.

This kit replaces the need for heavy and potentially dangerous metal snatch blocks and bow shackles, plus the SaberPro® Utility Rope gives you enough flexibility to no longer need an extra bridle, tree trunk protector or short winch extension! The whole kit weighs just over 3kgs, often the weight of just a snatch block and bow shackle, however, you get SO much more!

1 x Ezy-Glide Recovery Ring – New
1 x 3M, 15,000kg SaberPro® Utility Rope
1 x 18,000kg SaberPro® Soft Shackle with Sheath
1 x 20,000kg SaberPro® Bound Soft Shackle
1 x Clear Top Recovery Kit Bag

This kit is truly, Safer, Smarter and Stronger!

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