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Red Winches

Red Winches Air Brake Spring - EACH

Red Winches Air Brake Spring - EACH

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You can add more of these springs to increase the strength of your brake if your vehicle is heavier than most or you want to stop even more abrubtly.

We do not recommend putting too many extra in, but the option is there if you feel the need to do so.

The Air Brakes come with 6 or 8 springs in depending on the model of winch – you can go up to 12 per brake unit.

Red Winch found with 12 springs in the brakes would stop a small planet…!!!!!……be warned….stopping the winch too abruptly can cause shock loadings in the  rope line. Which must be avoided.

Red Winch Australia will only honour the 2 year guarantee on the winch with up to 10 springs per brake, you will need to talk with us first before putting extra in.

Price shown is for one spring

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