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Gigglepin Wireless T-T Winch Remote

Gigglepin Wireless T-T Winch Remote

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Available now in Single or Twin Pack!

The NEW T-T Wireless Winch Remote from Gigglepin is a rugged, easy to use, cost effective way to wirelessly control your winch. It is available with single or twin remote(s) has large push buttons and a safety ON/Off switch. 

Unlike many wireless remotes, there is no delay – you press the button and the winch kicks straight in!

It's rugged outer boot makes it easy to handle and helps to protect the unit in tough conditions. With a range of 55+meters, a long life transmitter and ON/OFF light it is great package for those that need wireless control. Works with 12V and 24V set ups.

Available in Twin or Single Pack - Please select from Options

The single pack comes supplied with 1x Winch Remote, 1 x Receiver, 1 x Fitting Instructions and 1 x Lanyard.

The twin pack comes supplied with 2 x Winch Remotes, 1 x Receiver,  1 x Fitting Instructions and 2 x Lanyard.

In an off road environment this means that both the driver and the co-driver can have a controller, or you have a spare in case one gets lost / damaged  In other roles, the twin pack is great for if, say, you have a recovery trailer with a winch on it, but this trailer is often towed by two different vehicles – you can keep a controller in each vehicle to save forgetting it.

Features -

 55+ meter Range,
 Large easy to use buttons,
 Long life battery (included),
 Indicator light for remote operation,
 Rugged case,

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