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Gigglepin Superhousing

Gigglepin Superhousing

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The Gigglepin SuperHousing is designed to work with the standard Warn 8274/8074 or Gigglepin FreeSpool/Solid Drums. You can use standard Warn or Gigglepin internal components. Featuring a large bearing and oil seal to give perfect performance. The SuperHousing also features an oil drain plug, replaceable brake pawl mount, main shaft roller bearing and 12 mounting points. This housing can be used with all Gigglepin TopHousings and Standard Warn 8274/8074 TopHousings.

Supplied with mounting bolts and TopHousing bolts.

Manufactured from heat treated cast aluminium it has the following features -

• Compatible with Warn 8274 Top Housing or ANY GP twin motor top housing,
• Large drum roller bearing and adaptor to fit any 8274 drum or 8274 Freespool drum,
• Twin lipped drum seal to stop dirt increase and stop oil leaks,
•  12 symmetrical M12 mounting points,
•  Removable stainless steel brake pawl mount for longevity and serviceability,
•  Mainshaft roller bearing and adaptor supplied as standard,
•  Oil drain bung with iridium magnet,
• Increased oiling to Mainshaft and 7548 gear interface,
•  Allows rear brace bars to be fitted when used in conjunction with Gigglepin drum end plate,
•  Bronze bush depth stop and retainer screw as standard,
•  Lower casing inspection port,
•  Thicker casing for increased strength.

 Compatible with Warn 8274 and ALL Gigglepin Twin-motor top housings

 Designed to work with Gigglepin heavy duty SuperShaft, no D shim required

 Supplied with Top housing mounting bolts

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