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Air Manifold 6 Port 1-4'' BSP BARE

Air Manifold 6 Port 1-4'' BSP BARE

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This manifold block is made from a solid Aluminium block. It has 1 x 1/4 BSP female fitting in each end and 4 x ¼ BSP fittings on top. The two mounting holes in the side of the block makes for easy universal fitting in a variety of locations.

These manifolds are commonly used for multiple breathers, ie diffs, transfer case, gearbox and winch breathers.

Or used as an air pressure manifold for use with air freespools, air lockers etc while keeping all you air solenoids neat and in a single spot rather than scattered throughout the vehicle.

This Manifold block is sold with no fittings so you can use what ever you require..

Extra fittings can be purchased separately.

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