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AAA Suspension

AAA Suspension 3 Litre Air Tank

AAA Suspension 3 Litre Air Tank

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At AAA we offer quality tanks in the following sizes:

  • 1.5 Litre 100mm x 200mm
  • 3.0 Litre 100mm x 400mm

This listing is for a 3 litre tank

Essentially these are all the same type of tube with the same ends – it is just the lengths that vary.

Being a high grade alloy they light weight and will not rust. Moisture can accumulate with compressed air and so you need a tank that will not be adversely impacted by moisture. There are 2 x ports at each end. At one end the ports are top and bottom. The other end the ports are left and right sides. This way no matter how you mount the tank (on its side, up side down, etc) there is always a port at the bottom so you can fit a water release valve or tap to expel accumulated water.

All the ports are 1/4″ BSPT – that’s the most common fitting size and even Bunnings sell air fittings on that size.

AAA Tanks are all tested and rated to have a safe working limit of 200psi. They are labelled as such with manufacture date and standards rating. 

The tanks all have mounting legs attached. The 3 larger units all have the same mounting foot print. Mounting measurements are in the pictures.

The role of a tank is to store enough air for applications that require bursts of air regularly such as winch air brakes, air freespool drum and air lockers.

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