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WinchGear HD brakeshaft WITHOUT large cam

WinchGear HD brakeshaft WITHOUT large cam

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The new WinchGear Brake Shaft Upgrade kit provides a replacement shaft to fit into 8274 (and compatible) winches.

This shaft upgrade kit:

  • Eliminates known weak points
  • Replaces the brake circlip with a cap and bolt
  • Has ramped profiles to reduce stress points
  • Australian Made, heat treated and ground EN36

Improved large cam gear is NOT included in this kit (full kit available without in our store)

You can use your factory large cam if it is still in good working condition or upgrade to a WinchGear large cam that in made from the same material as the brake shaft eliminating more failure points


The main shaft kit is supplied with:

  • Upgraded Brake Shaft
  • Small cam gear
  • Alloy wedge shim
  • Large circlip and spacer
  • 2x M3 shim retaining bolts
  • End cap and bolt
  • Replacement Drum Retention Plate
  • M3 Tap
  • 2.5mm Hex (Allen) Key
  • Fitting guide
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