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Red Winches Albright Winch Isolator

Red Winches Albright Winch Isolator

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Single pole Winch Isolator Switch

Enabling you to open or kill the power to you winch from one easy flick of a button on your dash.

No longer require manual isolators that have to be placed in view or around your driver’s seat.

These units can be placed anywhere on your vehicle and activated on or off via a 12v signal using small wire.

Non Latching

It requires a 12v signal on the 8mm spades to be switched into full contact.

When you remove the 12v signal the isolator will switch off and no longer make contact

A normal 2 way ON/OFF switch can be used for operating this type

Note: These isolators cannot be used with our DP/DT rocker switch.

Type: SU280-1066P


Coil Voltage (V)                           12 CO DC

Coil Resistance (Ohms)               13

Pull In Voltage (V)                        8.0 Maximum

Drop Out Voltage (V)                   3.0 Maximum

Coil Power Dissipation (W)          11.08

Operating AMPS                           400A

Peak AMPS                                   800A (22secs)

Sealed Unit for operation in harsh conditions

All figures above are stated at 20 degrees Celsius


140mm Tall (To Top of Studs)

55mm Wide (Body)

75mm Deep (Front to Bracket Mt Face)

M10 Power Connection Threads

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