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Kamo Oko Vidi

Kamo Oko Vidi Twin Motor Twin Speed Competition Winch M5622

Kamo Oko Vidi Twin Motor Twin Speed Competition Winch M5622

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Kamo Oko Vidi Twin Motor Twin Speed Competition Winch.


The M-5622 twin motor competition winch is a Croatian made work of art.

Sporting a 2 SPEED pneumatically changed gearbox, yep you read that right. 2 SPEED!!

At natural state the gearbox will remain in first gear, then at the flick of a switch, air will engage 2nd gear - exactly the same as an air locker or air freespool drum etc..

Boasting BOW2 PLUS motors running at 8hp @12v you will never run out of pulling power.. Paired with Bowright 12v solenoids for perfect transfer.


1st gear ratio is 133:1 providing extreme torque and 110% control. The slower 1st gear gives you more than enough time to calculate where you want to place your wheels in extreme cases where absolute control is most necessary..

2nd gear is a much faster 56:1 providing competition level line speeds for fast recoveries, while still having all of the grunt from the 8hp BOW2 PLUS motors. That coupled to 24v is an insanely fast combo.

The air braking system is connected to the upper gears rather than the motor shafts to provide a better hold under massive loads.

With air freespool drums available in standard and +76mm lengths, these winches are capable of holding up to 55m of 11mm rope.

All billet aluminium casings anodized in midnight black to give it that sexy look.

2 year mechanical for piece of mind!


Whilst we try our very best to always keep the Kamo winches in stock, sometimes there may be a small wait time for manufacture. Please hit us up for availability


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