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HMG Brace Kit +76mm

HMG Brace Kit +76mm

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1 of the most important but inexpensive modifications you can do to your winch is a brace kit.

Warn 8274 highmount winches have a reputation for breaking the mounting faces on the 2 lower housings. 

There are a few reasons for this happening, the most common is when winching on a side angle to the winch, it can be pulled sideways and on an angle therefore loading up the mount faces and breaking them, causing an extremely expensive repair bill.

By bracing the 2 housings, we "tie" them together giving the back part of the winch housings symmetry to the front which does not allow the housings to be pulled on an angle and will always keep them square, also giving extended longevity to the drum bushes as they will also always stay square to the winch.


The brace kits are available to suit standard, +76mm and +100mm drum lengths

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