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Gigglepin Replacement Top Housing Gearset +15% Ratio

Gigglepin Replacement Top Housing Gearset +15% Ratio

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8274 Top Housing Gears from Gigglepin Winch

These gears are a direct replacement for the Warn 8274 Single Motor Top Housing Gears.

The gears are manufactured from high performance case hardened materials and are engineered to add strength with improved tooth forms and increased gear engagement.

Each kit comes supplied with two fitted needle roller bearings and is supplied with the new Gigglepin centre shaft that requires no casing modifications to install. 

The 15% centre gear is supplied with the +15% pinion gear, bearings, a Gigglepin centre shaft and comes with full instructions. These gear kits allows you to repair those damaged 8274 top housings that were destined for the scrap pile.

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