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Gigglepin Brake Assembly

Gigglepin Brake Assembly

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The Gigglepin Billet Brake Assembly is fully machined from billet steel, hardened and zinc passivated. It is available as an upgrade replacement for a Warn 8274/8074.

Due to the increased material strength & manufacturing process the brake assembly will last much longer than the standard Warn items (Pt no’s: 8703, 7601, 7600).

We have designed the ratchet reducing the number of teeth to 15 rather than 18, this reduces the risk of the pawl semi engaging which could cause considerable damage.

The inner & outer discs provide more positive engagement with the woodruff keys & large cam gear on the winches main shaft.

As fitted to all Gigglepin Winches.
Suitable for Warn 8274/8074 and GP82/83 winches.

Benefits of the GP brake assembly are -
• Reduced teeth on brake ratchet,
• Improved brake performance,
• Superior material quality,
• Enhanced reliability,
• Aesthetically pleasing.

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